Baba 9 Luk Havaya Lyrics by LVBEL C5 I’m going out to the.neighborhood, wearing my pajamas. He saw me, sucker, he took the gun

Baba 9 Luk Havaya Lyrics

(Give me AKDO!)

I’m going out to the neighborhood, wearing my pajamas
He saw me, sucker, he took the gun
So I painted the sucker’s face black
Louis Vuitton pajamas fell off my ass
Of course you’re broke, dad, you’re living on rent (Grr)
You got into trouble right when I was crazy (Yeah)
My friends are with me, cigarettes in our hands
They’ll cut your ass for two bottles of beer (Rrrah)
Hit it, daddy, let the world spin
Let the asses die and bury each other (Yeah)
We talk the talk, let the ass eater interrupt us
Hang up the phone, you’re still cum, ah
Live your life son, stop talking nonsense (Grr)
Tour from Istanbul Anatolia to Europe (Rrrah)
I’m turning on the plumbing, Azer Baba, Serap (Shhh)
Well, all the bitches are far away from us.
My head, oh, believe me it didn’t happen
Gazelle hunted a lion while drinking water (Ah)
So, wow, there’s no justice left
Everybody got it, everybody got it (You got it)

Your notebook is closed and gone (Give me AKDO!)

Ah, your notebook is closed and gone.
Everybody got a sword, band on the radio (Woah)
I’m coming to the middle of the neighborhood with a Benz
There’s a tissue on your nose, cold from ****
Clean up all the shit you eat
The shark finds the scent in the sea
Anyway, I put my hand on the door latch.
At that moment the bird went and landed on the branch (Yeah)
I took my 9’s off my waist into the air
I said, “I will fuck anyone who says anything to me” (Exactly)
I’ll buy it for my brother’s money
Then say, “Why did I go to the meeting?” (Exactly)
Be careful and don’t hit the rock (Rock)
To each his own share
I put the arrow in my bow, my album is out (Hahahaha, listen)
Lvbel C5 dad, all my friends are with me
Never mind baby, come and get it too
Touch my body, it’s solid, this tank is metal, ah
Lush Balenciaga, like prey
In my opinion, Lvbel C5 dad is very kind, wow
The flower throws fire, your ships sink
Thorns destroy the rose, the bitch will sell you
He puts his mind to it and does what is necessary
He goes to bed in the morning, the father catches the lamb

(Give give-)
(Give give-)
(And-and-give me AK-AK-DO!)


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