You Never Forget Your First Time Lyrics sung by The Kid Laroi represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is You Never Forget Your First Time… by The Kid Laroi.

You Never Forget Your First Time Lyrics

[Interlude: Elisha Herbert]
Um, the first time I was heartbroken
I was fifteen
And he was two years older than me
And I thought he was the coolest guy in the world because he could drive
He absolutely ripped my heart out
And still to this day, I don’t know if it was love
And I don’t know if I’ve ever felt love
And I don’t think I will know until the day I die

[Interlude: Billy Walsh]
The first time I ever lost somebody super close to me was my Aunt Patty
She got cancer when I was really young
She fought hard, but ended up passing
And I remember her final day, she was really skinny and sickly
Talkin’ ’bout how precious life was and how she didn’t wanna go
Really put everything in perspective for me
She was younger than I am now

[Interlude: TJ Mizell]
Y’know, I remember the first time I got the news that I was gonna be a dad
While I was actually landing in Dallas for my great-grandmother’s funeral
And I remember landing and getting a text from Koa’s mom
Just being like, “Hey, call me immediately, like, I have to talk to you”
And, uh, she was like, “I’m pregnant, we’re- we’re gonna have a kid”
And the mixed emotions I can’t even begin to explain, like
Just losing one of the strongest members of our family
And, also, gaining a member of the family

[Interlude: Austin Howard]
I remember the first time I had to make a big move was when I was moving from Sydney to LA
With my older brother LAROI
And I remember, at first, I was just like, really, really angry with LAROI and mom
Just like, losing it, ’cause I was like, moving away from all of my friends, cousins, like all my relatives, and everything
Like, it hurt, you know
But I realize that if they didn’t move me out, I probably would’ve been a completely different person
And like I would’ve been raised completely differently and whatever
But yeah, that was my first time

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