You Inched Yourself Across a Great Divide Lyrics. The song name is Great Divide which is sung by Noah Kahan

You Inched Yourself Across a Great Divide Lyrics

You inched yourself across a great divide
While we drove aimlessly along the twin-state line
I heard nothing but the bass in every ballad that you’d play
While you swore to God the singer read your mind
But the world is scared of hesitating things
Yeah, they only shoot the birds you cannot sing
And I’m finally aware of how shitty and unfair
The boys to stare ahead like everything was fine

You know I think about you all the time
My deep misunderstanding of your life
How bad it must have been bad for you back then
How hard it was to keep it all inside
I hope you settle down, I hope you get buried rich
I hope you’re scared of all the ordinary shit
Like murderers and ghosts and cancer on your skin
And not your soul or what he might do with it

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