Tucker Wetmore Wine Into Whiskey Lyrics Song is sung by Tucker Wetmore. The song is from the album

Tucker Wetmore Wine Into Whiskey Lyrics

Lyrics from snippet:

Used to See Her With Some Sauvingnon Blanc in Her Glass
Sipping Slow Down She Ain’t Out Tipping It Back
But if You See Her Out Tonight
She Be Flirting With Jack(Flirting With Jack)
Yeah and I’m the Only One to Blame

Ain’t the 90 Roof Type but Tonight It’ll Work
Anything to Numb the Pain or to Drown Out the Hurt
I Try to Tell Her About My Kind and Boy Does She Learn
I Just Ain’t the Type of Soul You Save
But She Tries and I Did What I Do Best

I Took a Good Thing and I Turned It Into Goodbye
Took the Fire and Her Eyes Put It on Ice
Turn That Angel’s World Upside Down
Dipped Her Wings in Tennessee Brown

I Turned Her Calling Me and Calling Me a Mistake
Turn a Heart of Gold Into a Heartbreak
If I Was Her I’d Damn Sure Hate Me
I Turned Her Love Into Pain and Her Wine Into Whiskey

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