Theres an Old Man in a Lazy Boy Lyrics Song is sung by Luke Combs. The song is There’s an Old Man in a Lazy Boy.

Theres an Old Man in a Lazy Boy Lyrics

Lyrics from snippet:

There’s an old man in a lazy boy
Tv on a western fast asleep
Gray in his hair at least what’s left
But the heart of a lion beating in his chest
There’s a little more slow in his go
A little less rock in his roll these days

But I remember him 10 ft tall and bulletproof
Throwing me a ball in cowboy boots
A whistle and the dogs start running
A whisper and momma starts blushing
A wrench in his hand a beer in the other
God couldn’t make a man any tougher

That “S” on this chest is starting to fade
But I’ll always remember him that way

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