Tanzverbot Die Wahrheit Lyrics
Tanzverbot Die Wahrheit Lyrics

Tanzverbot Die Wahrheit Lyrics. Song starts with Yeah LCS Tanzverbot Nosense-Rap Two tousand twenty Yeah Go and scarf ginn ’em, walay herry ni do di gas geddim ade ride wefo, ayy kinda war this hard.

Tanzverbot Die Wahrheit Song Lyrics

Two tousand twenty

Go and scarf ginn ’em, walay herry ni do di gas
Geddim ade ride wefo, ayy kinda war this hard
Ke oldin’ and it’s time to get sah, heppele wa fi dose
Gani hat e fleck and do well and it’s on a war, disca
Hellory, I’m the war, kediyan to sokilta
Had no way to start, no we got it in all this dadika
Had a way to start in my coupe, headin’ no war tasa
Hellory, now how do we kill? Had we ni do sca
Skin ’em, a di yante fo ku, erionto one y go
Sinem a disewi toso, et sente sath, he goes

Corny, I’m the lev with the hate, had in pasafiko
Front e sadi kelde, wal ta, and let this go skay
Had no ma, hellaty, wa di yan ta santa ba
Had no war to senti, we gonna miss under water sah
Hate ’em up, gille te santi, we got umate
Henna wa fa sidem, waka do I not a starter way
Hey, hah, history tah, ellen in na siko
Henni we the fu’, äge, herri, no wafito!
It’s okay, henne meke, helen e nasiko
Scorna, we the fuck hit this up, herri ne nasikos
Skah, heh, hellarito, and every navitos
Scorny out the fe, heto, Ellen De Nasico
Skung Gang, we the sah, hello, every new afitos!
Skung Gang, we the sky lerita, and as it wah weh
Boss san e kene weka, at every tofino
Designer wear the cat every day, hallo, war da für they
Thorno want a sign, got Bacardu, we treff, it’s usco
Handle me the sah, helle, we not Di Santo

Corno way the scene, and we wah, and ain’t no war to south
Got no one to hit ’em, waka, readin’ some modelfou
Sou mi, I’m hareket everything, and in Melawadous
Got no other sit and wake dem, ah, dey don wadiso
Ayy, hah, hilla, wassup? Ella tisa to wah
Skinny, ya to let to a cah, ellen no wah to san
Tin no way this game, no we can’t, and let the scars scar
Let’s get ’em, all di amca fuckin’, ah, wa kill it wa-fa
Ayy, ah, hillo wah, hah, ethiste kanisa
Sinny kine we do so cold, ayy get the ka-di-ka
Cordy, I’m tasika, to we dem a leke to di natsi
Can’t ’em on the war for this ching, hätt in de Nase Coke
Oh, ah, hilla, we see, aliente kanika
Skorna, young to wella, we call, and now we think kati-ka
Go, hella senti wi krie, and isse nass ina
Kori, I’m too sick at the war, and we ne wasika
Elm, ah, hilla wito, and naki nasita
Kine wa to save your luv, and now to kadika
Huh, heh, I’m so sorry, we get this

Yeah, Tanzverbot!The sadder we got, we sent in nadika

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