Sorry But I Had To LyricsSorry But I Had To Lyrics

Sorry But I Had To Lyrics By Tory Lanez. Main song words are They cant stop me they can’t stop It’s like, it’s like, you gotta take into account most of these n^ggas got my number.

Sorry But I Had To Lyrics

His hair, wack, his gear, wack
His jewelry, wack, his foot stance, wack
The way that he talks, wack
The way that he doesn’t even like to smile, wack
Me, I’m tight as f^ck

All I’m catchin’ is n^ggas on Twitter, dissin’
And talkin’ lies on they lives
I can’t recognize my ex-twin in full disguise
Since I went independent, these n^ggas want my demise
But I am yeast to the bread, my n^gga, watch me rise
I’m watchin’ n^ggas analyze me, how you protectin’ me?
But made this whole plan to fry me?
Since the event, you never called me but you can’t deny me
If you got shot from behind, how can you identify me?
It’s funny how you got these lil’ fufu, four plaque, lil’ ju-ju n^ggas talkin’ Zulu
I coulda made the shooters make a movie like it’s Hulu
But who’s these new n^ggas, talkin’, boppin’ and poppin’ sh^t
But got less than four accomplishments? I got way more to lose than you do
Uh, watchin’ the industry try and ho you
Asian Doll talkin’, but shawty, I don’t know you
I never met you, nor have I heard a song
And nor have I seen billboards
See your name in any cert or song from out your catalog
Oop, the hat is off
Behind that tatted skin, you battered with scattered scars
But I still respect and help you
Just don’t treat me like you see me out in public
And I said, “f^ck it,” and tried to disrespect you
JoJo, that was a bozo move
You tryna take me off a song that got you the most views
Got mad love for you, though, your label, they confused
They spent fifty on my feature, they fifty K in the lose right now, yeah
N^gga, play me, n^gga, play me ’til the day I get to save me
I’m watchin’ mad face and y’all n^ggas is movin’ shady
Delusional, like

Like how that 1942 from Kylie house still got you talkin’ crazy
F^ck a hail or handshake from n^ggas
The past months, the energy been mad fake from n^ggas
But I’m lifted up, bring Saran Wrap, talents gifted up
And if I drop this sh^t for a second, I’m back to pick it up
Unapologetically, jumped inside a pool and Kylie’s face was lookin’ heavenly
And though I’m innocent, they got this picture painted heavily
I pray that God remember me, faith done turn all my situations to a melon tree
Uh, J.R. Smith, it’s the pot that p^ss
And you the last cat that should talk about some shots that hit
‘Cause your performance and percentage, player
Rollin’, ridin’ benches, n^gga, I’m from the trenches, n^gga
You the type to buy a chick a eighty inch and still won’t get a inch up in her
Yeah, I’m at they head, sprayin’ hard like a spritzer, n^gga
Baggin’ n^ggas’ ex b^tches off a Insta’ picture
Toes rufflin’ through the sand like a Kingston n^gga
Yeah, contradictions in your lines
With domestic pride crimes, we still have yet to find mines
Any time I brought these b^tches up, you stressed it five times
How you try to kill the cat and then forget them nine lives?
I know it so well, I know these n^ggas so well
Jealous feelings, n^ggas best at catchin’ like they Odell
It’s rap n^ggas out here tellin’ Megan she should go tell
But she won’t tell the truth ’cause I’ll be kicked up in my hotel
When the spiteful live shiesty, it’s real trife
You n^ggas playin’ Instagram, I’m playin’ real life
Think I’m finna talk about a open case just for some likes?
I promise we done worked too many nights
Please, talkin’ nights, we worked on a wage, flippin’, turn through the page
We got Bun B on live sayin’ I should burn in a cage
In these times of Black lives, he sayin’ I should turn to slave
If * heard that, then my n^gga would have a rage right now
No diss to Pimp and Bun, but you made “Big Pimpin’,” son
Pourin’ champagne on women faces while they flick they tongue
I’m too young to give you lessons, but I’d like to give you one
Please stay the f^ck up out my case, I ain’t convicted, son
Chance the Rapper (Mmm, mmm), too irrelevant
I replaced his line with, “My chain lookin’ Heaven-sent”
Next line, next line, ’cause momma always told me, “Don’t you chew that food unless you would eat that sh^t for a next time”
I made too much money with Roc Nation
For n^ggas to be thinkin’ I can’t correlate the fact that it’s only n^ggas out your roster hatin’
Contemplatin’ these thoughts in my head
Like, “How the f^ck these n^ggas callin’ me, threatenin’ me not to make no statements?”

Huh, the nerve nowadays
I’m hittin’ certain n^ggas with the swerve nowadays
Gimme one DreamDoll hit record (Mmm), I’ll wait
Ayy, Masika, this your chance, you in every Twitter debate
And every Shade Room comment like common sense ain’t common sense
Like we be needin’ your two cents and all your vents
Fakin’ a kidnappin’ for your OnlyFans
And tryna front like missin’ kids was your intent
If that’s the type of sh^t you teachin’ Khari, then you should sit in a pen’
And watch people disagree in the end
You try to make it facts, but it’s a L-I-E in the end
Oh, it ain’t funny when it’s your turn
When spectators got they lighters out with gasoline and wantin’ yo’ burn
F^ck a caption, this is facts with no cappin’
When Michael Jackson, Prince got they masters back, what happened?
Tory Lanez got his masters back just now and look what happened?
And Chris Brown, a Black man that changed his life for the right
And still, Black Twitter findin’ ways to tear him down and bring him back in
A rapper catch a domestic, y’all start to talk that action
I feel like Famous Amos after all that happened
They want the downfall of every Black man, but I ain’t goin’

They can’t stop me, they can’t stop, mmm
They can’t stop me, they can’t stop
They can’t stop me, they can’t stop, mmm
They can’t stop me, they can’t stop
It’s like, it’s like, you gotta take into account
Most of these n^ggas got my number, like
You coulda called me, like
You know what I’m sayin’, like
In the most sincere way, you coulda asked, like, n^gga, like, “What happened? Did you do it?”
You know, even that woulda been straight to me, you know what I’m sayin’, like
I guess I’m just different
But it’s all good, n^gga, I’ma continue to shine
You n^ggas could never stop me, n^gga
You’ll never put my back against the motherf^ckin’ wall, n^gga
As long as my toes in the sand on God’s green Earth, n^gga
I wear the crown, shinin’ notoriously and gloriously
I’m on a whole ‘nother set of time, n^gga, Super Saiyan five, n^gga
Come out swingin’, like Broly, you n^ggas’ll never stop me, n^gga
‘Cause every time y’all n^ggas throw somethin’ at me, n^gga
I keep rising’, I never stop, I never back down, n^gga
Back to the wall, I stand tall, n^gga
Forever Umbrella, uh, uh, Tory, Canada
They can’t stop me, they can’t stop, mmm
They can’t stop me, they can’t stop
They can’t stop me, they can’t stop, mmm
They can’t stop me, they can’t stop

Sorry But I Had To Lyrics

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