Side Flows (Freestyle) Lyrics” sung by Numa Invictus represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Side Flows (Freestyle) by Numa Invictus.

Side Flows (Freestyle) Lyrics


I done drop side flows
Mind splitting
Heavy numbers and a high percentage
Everybody eyeing 40 points
Like I’m Kobe in 03 define winning
When I spit flows they done found cringing
Trying to visualize what my minds given
In a different placement of mind image
Now you gotta face facts and I ain’t mirrored
Do you see the truth now your eyes blinking
Cause you finally awake now your time’s finished
You done dreamt so much with no vision
While I go attack tasks my sole mission
When you going to face threats your soul’s shifting
But you gotta stay fresh for all with it
Man I was bout to cross finish
But the champion in me told me don’t win it
I done glorified all my dope scriptures
At least they done known when the flows get ya
Kamehameha ki-blast to the top
See a raging ape
I see moons still man
I’ve been popping popping who these new children
That be stocking copping with the new pigments
I done seen truth but I didn’t witness
That the life you want just ain’t the life you living
I done seen them tempted
Signature to sentence
I’m all notified
I’m trending in the mentions
Put my name inside
I’d properly be the best thing
But it’s takes a lot of work to blow when resting
Feeling it when I’m chesting

No bench pressing
Just be here in seconds
Wonder what I reference
Bend it like I’m Beckham
She say she a freak I like her when she necking

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