She Said She Can Feel It In Her Stomach Stop Cappin Lyrics
She Said She Can Feel It In Her Stomach Stop Cappin Lyrics

She Said She Can Feel It In Her Stomach Stop Cappin Lyrics. Main song words are She said she can feel it in her stomach, stop capping Ol’ lyin’ ass b^tch, my d^ck ain’t that big.

She Said She Can Feel It In Her Stomach Stop Cappin Lyrics

(Enrgy made this one)

Trapped the whole winter, scammed for the summer
Came to America with dope in her stomach
Spent eleven hundred on these Valentino runners
We just f^ckin’ for the summer, ‘fore I hit, I change my number
Packman on the track? It’s a slapper
I’ll jump off a bridge ‘fore I put my d^ck in plastic
I was so f^cked up that I had to sell plasma
If my b^tch say, “Bless you,” when you sneeze, you can have her
Don’t blame me if you broke, you just a woulda, coulda, shoulda
Try to rob me, you hear the booka, booka, booka
I don’t like good girls, I like hooker, hooker, hookers
And I don’t sell crack, I’m givin’ n^ggas booger sugar
Call the plug, and he pullin’ up on a Kawasaki
Tell my brother if he catch a body, then I’m tellin’ mommy
Hallelujah, Jesus Christ, but I’m with a thousand ahkis
Came up from sellin’ p^ssy, free my n^gga Joe Exotic
She said she can feel it in her stomach, stop capping
Ol’ lyin’ ass b^tch, my d^ck ain’t that big
Cougar b^tch, but she look good, Toni Braxton
I-I-I-I-I got low self-esteem, I was a fat kid
Suck it good, chew it, then swallow, Sour Patch Kid
My b^tch ’bout to leave me ’cause I’m built like Patrick
I nut super quick and I be weighin’ down the mattress
On the low, dawg, I’m tired of this fat sh^t
I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I ain’t signed to nobody, b^tch, I work for me
B^tch f^cked an opp for revenge, she think she hurtin’ me
Caught ’em both slippin’ at the movies, gave ’em First Degree
Rihanna got warts, in that case, b^tch, herpe me

I tell a b^tch if she ain’t suckin’ d^ck, then leave me be (Hah)
I need a freaky ho to eat the dingaling, yeah (On God)
And don’t get red, your baby mama off of ching-a-ling
I think she think me and her got a thing (Naw)
b^tch, naw, you ain’t gettin’ a damn thing but my balls (Okay)
Don’t reply to your texts, I’m ignorin’ your calls, look (b^tch)
Gotta hit the trap, I got plays for that raw (I do)
Whole thangs, we got bricks, we got blocks of that dog (We does)
Break it down, watch me boogie on that p^ssy while I’m smokin’ booky (Ooh)
Huh, baby daddy talkin’ tough, I give that boy a noogie (Lame)
Still make his baby mama stuff a script up in her tushie (I will)
Used to skip school with them sticks, playin’ hockey hooky (Get it?)
Catch a snitch lackin’ on his balcony, Tekashi (Lame)
My Asian n^gga keep a hot chop clip, wasabi
Packman got some fat fans in the lobby (He do)
Skuba Steve got some lame n^ggas tryna clout chase
Packman ate your grandmama with the pound cake
Skuba Steve movin’ every gram down to the shake
Hmm, f^ck a pandemic, Flint water been f^cked up, huh
Ain’t nobody send nobody there to help us, huh
Bounce back, shake back, picked our self up, huh (Tell ’em)
Still trap around this b^tch, the Lord blessed us, huh (Talk)
I got ‘bows in the mail when I wake up, huh (Okay)
I might give that b^tch a Perc’ if she take one (n^gga, do it)
You can’t hit that dope with no two, don’t even take one (Do it, do it)
Huh, you ain’t never had no topside, we got A1, huh (Okay)
I done ran up a hundred through this quarantine, huh (You trippin’)
Ain’t sh^t boring ’bout them bands, give me more heem (Okay)
You’ll never hear no b^tch say she bored with me (Not ever)
You’ll never hear no n^gga say he hard as me, huh (Not never)
If the n^gga play, then he gon’ be a corpse, uh (On God)
Baby Drac’, got the chop and a 40

I’m super healthy, mixin’ syrup with the Jamba Juice
You ever got head from a fiend that was snaggletooth?
Home Depot, when we slide down, we bring them hammers through
Chopper with the knife, it’ll slice a n^gga cabbage loose
Before I trick with a b^tch, I’ll wear a condom
I hate to eat fruit, my diet bad, so she hate to swallow
I’m really f^cked up, they put gin in my baby bottle
Tell my brother if he catch another body, I’ma tell my mama
Fire top, lockjaw, had to grab the bed
She like Perc’ d^ck when we f^ckin’, let me grab my meds
Popped a n^gga, but he didn’t die, he went and grabbed the feds
When I eat your p^ssy from the back, baby, grab my head
Ugh, I’m complacent now
K bullets flyin’ through the crib and flipped the place around
Was in a one bedroom, it’s lookin’ spacious now
Vacuum seal some rabbit food, voila, I can make a pound
Whip a pint with some wood, I’m a lumberjack
n^gga mad his b^tch f^cked me, didn’t even hump her back
Instead of slidin’, beefin’ bout a b^tch, you need to dump her ass
This bop stick’ll f^ck a pornstar, it got the nuts attached
Okay, listen, I’m ’bout to quit rappin’
I like my b^tches dumb and illiterate, ’cause they get nasty
Donut eatin’ got me diabetes, n^gga, f^ck salad
My b^tch cheatin’, fed her to the animals, Carole Baskin

Whip a four, ayy, huh (Mmm)
Serve a four-piece, huh (Mmm)
FN, front seat where ya ho be (Mmm)
I put tints on my nephew Huffy bike, keep him low-key (b^tch)
I ain’t extra, b^tch, you special if you get close to me, huh (Uh, yeah)
Everybody ’round me rich, how it’s ‘posed to be (Uh, yeah)
Big boo^y buttnaked b^tch while I roll my weed (Uh, yeah)
Lil’ thot, I’m a million-dollar n^gga, hop on your knees
You ain’t never seen forty thousand in all blue cheese
Told DT put it on the opps, that’s all you need
We gon’ bick back, drop a pop, and watch all you bleed, huh
Watch all y’all die, huh, watch all you dead, huh
b^tch it’s get back gang, need all that bread, huh (Yeah)
Got scopes with the yops, we aimin’ at heads, huh (Bang)
We scrapin’ n^ggas whole blocks, they aimin’ at legs (Goofy)
Like we gotta get equal, you heard what I said (You hear me?)
Like we gotta get even, you know how we play it (Do you hear me?)
Like this rifle illegal, I’m still gon’ spray it, huh (On God)
I might shoot it diagonal and knock off his mans, huh
Me and Stewie high fivin’, we done dropped a n^gga, huh
Me and relative got a smile, know what time it is, huh
Meet TayTay on a mile for a pound of meds (Yeah)
‘Bout to jugg a n^gga outta town, I ain’t stoppin’ sh^t (On God)
Nutball, probably gave your titi a crack rock (For real)
Lil’ bro’ll beat your ass if you try some sh^t, duh

She Said She Can Feel It In Her Stomach Stop Cappin Lyrics

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