Scratching the Surface Kylie Morgan Lyrics Song is sung by Kylie Morgan. The song is from the album

Scratching the Surface Kylie Morgan Lyrics

Lyrics from snippet:

Lord I swear my mama’s prayer
Have saved me more than once
The sky would fall and we’d never know
Cause she would hold it up

Losing sleep each breath she breathed
She did it all for us
But what happens mama
When the kids grow up?

There’s something in the water
Between a mother and a daughter
No matter where I’m going
I’m never leaving you

You gave me your light
Now it’s your time to shine
And the more that I am growing
You don’t know what to do

But don’t you cry mama
This is a good problem
Your past ain’t your purpose no
You’re only scratching the surface
Oh and you deserve it

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