Remember Old Boy That I Went Out With Lyrics by Tik Tok Song. The song name is Titi Girl I Need To Talk To You which is sung by Tik Tok Song

Remember Old Boy That I Went Out With Lyrics

Who’s at the door?
Titi girl i need to talk to you (what?)
Remember old boy that i went out with (yeah)
He took me to the movies we got a little close
Rubbed on it couldn’t feel it through his outfit
See b here you go again (what?)
That’s why you can’t keep a man
There’s way more to a n than what he got in his pants
But Titi b what imma do with that (see)
C’mon girl need you to have my back
Girl any other time you don’t wanna listen to me
Now you want advice girl fall back
But I really like this one tho (okay)
Just let me show you so you know (okay)
So then you can picture why I’m so f up by this n*
Girl i just dont know
How you go from feeling this n to dissin this n*?
Girl i just don’t get it
Just last week you was with it
Yeah but Titi look it’s itty bitty (Wait) (chuckles)

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