No Food in the Crib We Had to Drink Lotion Lyrics. The song name is Rappers Had the Hardest Lives Part 2 which is sung by Trarags ft. Shotgun Tra.

No Food in the Crib We Had to Drink Lotion Lyrics

Uh, I’m in my emotions
No food in the crib, we had to drink lotion
I was only 2 when I started smoking
It was the only way to cope being broken
Asked my mama for a hug and she smacked me
No windows on the crib, I used to be ashy
No toothpaste, my teeth looked like some Taxis
And you still wonder why I was unhappy
Nobody likes me, they hope that I die
My preacher tried to drown me when I was baptized
If you look closely the pain in my eyes
Hated all in myself, man, I need a disguise
Tried to hug my dad, he smacked mе with a TV
Shot my shot with my crush, she acted like Stеvie
Everyone I love, they up and leaved me
Said I was broken, you ain’t believe me

Yo bro, are you ok?
Shotgun- do-do you need to talk?
Bro, what’s wr-

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