Lovesick Jenna Raine Lyrics by Jenna Raine. The song name is Jenna Raine’s new single

Lovesick Jenna Raine Lyrics

Lyrics From Snippet:

Love Was an Eye Roll
Was a High Hope
Romeo Was Just a Guy in My Phone
But You Were the Summer
What a Stunner
Singing Yellow While You’re Driving Me Home
Slipped & Fell I Caught the Bug
Fever’s High I’m Burning Up

Cause I’m Lovesick Gotcha Stuck in My Head
About 3am & I Still Can’t Go to Bed
Up All Night Tangled Up All Inside
Like I Ate Butterflies I’m a Mess
You Got Me Lovesick We Just Kinda Met

Im So La La La La La La Lovesick
And I Love It
La La La La La..

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