Cisco certification of network engineers is divided into primary level,
intermediate level and expert level. Now what we usually call CCIE is
Cisco’s expert level certification designed for network engineers.

CCIE certification has certain difficulty, but after you pass it, you can find a
job with a monthly salary of 1,666 to 3,333 US dollars in Beijing, Shanghai
and other first tier cities. This is why many people around the world who
study IT and network engineering want to get the Cisco CCIE certificate.

Many people want to learn for Cisco CCIE certification. There are
some learning skills they should know. As long as one masters these skills,
he will find it easier to pass the certification.

How can people quickly learn content of the most difficult certification on
the earth? Next, I will introduce some learning methods.

First, train yourself as a future lecturer.

In my process of learning, I set a goal to become a lecturer after one or two
months, which greatly improved my learning efficiency. When I met some
questions, I immediately consulted my friends, network engineers in the QQ
group I have joined, or even those who have passed the CCIE certification

This learning method is the most effective, and you will remember what you
learned very firmly. Because when I want to teach others a knowledge point
or a technology, I first have to learn and master it. If I can’t understand the
point and don’t know how to apply a certain technology, then my speaking
will be very boring, even incomprehensible. To learn according to this
standard is to have very high requirements for yourself. In this way, the
learning effect will be better, and most of the technical problems can be

Second, do experiments diligently.

This learning method is widely adopted in this industry. As a network
engineer is a technical post, your hands-on ability is very important when
learning network technologies. You may need to spend more than 90% of
your time doing experiments in the process of learning for the certification.

Even if you are familiar with a technical knowledge point in theory, it is still
useless if you don’t know how to apply the technology. You need to keep
doing network engineers’ experiments according to your theoretical

According to experiments, you can deduce the principle and the reason. It is
better to do experiments again and again to study why experiments fail and
why they succeed. Therefore, it may take 90% of your time to do

Third, learning on the shoulders of giants is more efficient.

What does this sentence mean? It means that all Cisco certification exams
actually have corresponding question dumps. As long as you master a Cisco
certification exam question dump, your chances of passing the exam will
increase by 90% no matter it is a written exam or a computer exam. The
reason why many people will attend social training courses is that the
training institutions have certain connections and they can help you get the
exam question dump. Therefore, in China, it is not very difficult to pass
CCIE certification exam in China.

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