Im Sorry Little Kids but Im a Killer Clown Today Lyrics. The song name is RFTF3: 2Shae vs. Snipes which is sung by OneOuts Australia, Snipes & 2Shae.

Im Sorry Little Kids but Im a Killer Clown Today Lyrics

[Round 1]

[Verse: 2Shae]
If my dog had a face like yours
I’d shave its fucking arse and teach it to walk backwards
Half the time, I wonder why I rap for
And I say this casserole is ripping badly
Seriously, they’re missing originality
So, I don’t actually think this [?]
What are you gonna do, cunt?
I bet ya he’ll say I’m on some gay shit
Yo, I’m so ill I grew up in a sick bay
I think fucktard here just got it around the other way, cos he’s just basic
Yo, you know how whores go to St. Kilda, right?
You’d love where the vinegar is, clitorises
But his hideous bitch’s difference is
She opens the door and stands out the front
I roll past giving a shit like “Fish tastes better with lemon, ya slut!”
She flips out of her nut and chases me down
I’m like “There’s no need to get sour, cunt!”
You think I’m gonna be polite? No! You know, honestly?
I couldn’t say it any nicer
The best way to advise ya is to stay where your lights are
Then tape your eyes up so you’ll have slight luck
To survive like five months before I decide to not slide off
Inside your guts and even if you think your karma
You’re still a bitch, I’m the fate decider
I’ll run on empty, you fill your tank right up
It’s my job to drain you in a cypher
You’ve got a better chance of taming a tiger
Or raping the dykes off the face and side of a gay nightclub
Time, cunt

[Verse: Snipes]
I’m sorry little kids but I’mMa kill a clown today
I could say bullets are gonna spray
I’m from Brooklyn, that’s alright
But lemme just say I like to get close and personal with a razor-sharp object
But! Lemme just say this: I’m not gonna stab you in the heart
What I’m gonna do is grab a pen, stab you in the neck, puncture your lungs
Then slam a blunt object into your stomach… fuck!
Blunt object into your stomach and cause internal bleeding
Now, before you die, lemme just say this
The reason I call myself Snipes is because I take my time to rhyme
I’m not complicated but I’m like a sniper
I aim straight for the heart or the head, I’m straight and direct
I might hide 2Ks that way
You’ll know when I hit you as soon as you hit the ground
But… this guy said some shit on Facebook
Here we go, Joker, The Dark Knight shit
So, don’t let me go all James Holmes on you, Dark Knight shooter
Is that a little bit too soon? (Maybe)
And let me just say this as well
If you wanna be the Joker
Why don’t I give you a bottle of pills, a Chelsea Smile
And instead of Heath Ledger dying
Why don’t you replace his death?
‘Cause nobody will give two shits
About a guy who looks like a fucking meth head
[Round 2]

[Verse: 2Shae]
This boy came with rhymes like that hoping he’d win… hell no
I personally reckon the sound of you rapping them foul flows
Is like saying “Red” backwards while licking your elbow
Seriously, give it a shot! DERRRRR!
This is a taste of the impression I’ll leave
I’ll be an Aussie rapper with the [?]
He also spoke words that were great so I’ll rewrite the Bible
Then bash you to death with it, I’ll show you my verses slay
So say goodbye to OneOuts motherfuckers, trust me, you’ll quit
I barely prepared last time, lyrically this is full-equipped
I could’ve built a house of cards, but I managed to build a prison over his farm
Cos I’ve got bars over bullshit
So basically, this point in time I’ll snap your spine in a vertical line
In other words, what leg you got to stand on?
This is 2Shae with the truth, mate
I’m so right and so very damn wrong just like his [?] of witches a roll of toilet paper on a dildo for a week… as a tampon
And you know motherfuckers talk shit when you spit and they say “that’s some skill”
You’re about as threatening as a bunch of daffodills and that’s for real
I have the ability to attract ravage fools with savage tools so I couldn’t give a crap about attacking tactical
And I’ll just hand out [?] cavity collapsing like the West Gate bridge’s first crappy build

[Verse: Snipes]
You said in your first battle against H. Murray that his face looks like he got into a fight with the Bible
You can’t say shit… your face looks like you got into a fight with the blunt side of an axe
[Round 3]

[Verse: 2Shae]
Irrational, slashing actions
Splashing pools of blood in patterns, it’s what happens
These motherfucking fools you call rappers
You’ve heard of [?] now who da baddest?
What? You need a fucking clue as to who has this?
[unintelligible line]
There’s no cause for debating, this is force demonstrating
Of how you’re less entertaining and getting it on with Kerry and Ken after the fucking whore’s been bathing
But taking out the fact this is your first battle
This and that and whatnot is hard for you to be threatening and all when you straight up look like a soft cock

[Verse: Snipes]
You think that I’m a soft cock, really I couldn’t give two fucks
Cos you don’t know me, you don’t know what I’ve lived through
But lemme just say this: I’m not the one to judge people
Yeah, this is rap battling, I couldn’t give two fucks
Only for the factor of I do this cos I love it
Whether or not I choke out, it doesn’t matter
But, at OneOuts, if there’s an MC like you
Basically, their shit just reeks like Indian curry in the After Effects
Then don’t waste your time
Go do something else, go do something with your life
We should make a law: If 2Shae’s ever gonna make a kid
Ever have a kid get his dick in a cunt, we should shoot the little kid
Cos we don’t want two little 2Shaes coming around
Like headless fucking chickens; a waste of space
But, I’mma say this: Maybe next time I’ll come prepared
I got fucked up last night and forgot my lines
Couldn’t memorize them and don’t know
Where the fuck I put the piece of paper in my house
I bet you after this battle I’mma go home
And just be wandering around, having a ciggy
And then I’m just gonna find it and be like “Oh fuck, no
There they are”, right in front of me
And this is all freestyle only because I choked out
I forgot my lines, I couldn’t give two fucks
But no one can give two fucks
About a clown who tries and acts tough

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