I Love My Plug So I Gave Him a Plate Lyrics. The song name is Immaculate which is sung by Since99 ft. BasedNas.

I Love My Plug So I Gave Him a Plate Lyrics

I ain’t gon’ hold you, bruh
It’s Delli on the beat

[Verse 1: BasedNas]
BasedNas and you know that the flow is immaculate
I told her kneel down, that is no Kaepernick
Niggas be lame, can’t go tit-for-tat with ’em
How the fuck he backdoor you and you still be dappin’ him?
On the bathroom floors, shootin’ dice, playin’ craps and shit
Nigga bought some Chelsea boots so he thinkin’ his fashion lit
Her mom let me hold the Porsche, so you know that I’m crashin’ it
I’m in her guts like some muhfuckin’ laxatives
Call up my brother, you know he love Giphy’s
Call up your ho, she’ll be here in a jiffy
If she asking for twenty, I might give her fifty
He know I got sauce, so he tried to get with me
I need a deal for my Drizzy or Diddy
Countin’ hundreds and fifties with some big ol’ titties

[Verse 2: Since99]
That bitch got thirty bodies, but you went on a date
I love my plug, so I gave him a plate (Bitch)
He servin’ that pack at a very low rate (Okay)
You ask for a gram, but I give you the shake
These diamonds is drippin’, gushin’ like a lake (A lake)
He see the uzi, I Eternal Atake (Eternal Atake)
I’m countin’ up guala, stackin’ up the cake
I’m in an Impala skrrtin’ from the jakes
Posted with BasedNas up in PG County (Bitch)
Clean, like some Downy (Yuh)
Grind for that sack, like Jadeveon Clowney (Jadevoen Clowney)
Price on his head, they’re lookin’ for a bounty
Keepin’ an iron, like Robert Downey Jr
Twitter talkin’, okay boomer (Pew)
Bitch, I’m in Oklahoma, like a Sooner (Pew, pew, pew)
She give me brain, call her a tutor (Bitch)
You talkin’ that shit, all I hear is a rumor (Yuh)
Off of the shrooms, I call me an Uber (Okay)
I love a bitch with a good sense of humor (Yes)
Got me a pint of Wock’ up in the cooler (Yes)
You came out the mud, posted in the sewer
I need the love, ain’t talkin’ computers
Switchin’ sides, I know you is a chooser (You is a chooser)

I ain’t gon’ hold you, bruh
It’s Delli on the beat

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