He wanna fight I wanna tussle lyrics
He wanna fight I wanna tussle lyrics

Address It Lyrics by Lpb Poody. He wanna fight I wanna tussle lyrics by Lpb Poody. Lyrics of the song starts with Bitch I got it out the muscle, You wanna fight I wanna tussle.

He wanna fight I wanna tussle lyrics

Bitch i got it out the muscle
You wanna fight, I wanna tussle
Uh, I’m talkin bout’
mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm
mm mm mm mm mm mm
I see the pussy boy ain’t learn his lesson
Ain’t no location but I’m gon’ address it
Cause how I feel it’s time to go to steppin’
Like golden state this 40 hold a Stephen
This shit here gonna get messy

These rappers be so lame but they
want fame from the media
Poody, that’s my name,
gon check me out wikipedia
I got it off the muscle
who the fuck said I needed ya
I made a name for myself,
pussy boy I don’t need you
You breath how I breath
and you bleed how I bleed too
I roll it like a deaths
and we gon smoke it like we do

He said I shed skin
No python but I squeeze too
I say them niggas do they thing
But they don’t do it like we do
No rattitue we got the recipe
To get the cheese too
Like how the fuck you leave the streets
When they feed you
You go feel how you feel
but don’t let that mislead you

In the street my niggas chopping trees
Cuz they so scared to leave
Cuz they stand all in my car
Cuz I’m be sippin lean
He only talk when he on monkeys
So make him pop a beam
Niggas always reachin’ for some clout
Boy that shit so green

Imma make sure they hear me through these headphone
You niggas speaking on each other dawg
Y’all dead wrong
But let a bigga speak on Mari
The his head gone
Imma set his ass up
with my red bone

My lil bitch from Jacksonville
Scoping out every home
Stick and stones when we slide
We breaking every bone
Make these niggas multiply
Cuz his man gone
My nigga tote for that bitch bring the bread home
Aye look

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