Green Glass Head Lyrics Song is sung by Anna Bates. The song is a Poetry Song

Green Glass Head Lyrics

Flowers are dead coke bottle red
Blood is spilling halfway down
You green glass head
I feel sick dirty dirty trick
Shiny little bullet
All you wanted was a lick

Men come check fingers to your neck
Sirens in the sea and the street at the wreck
Neighbours all show none that I know
Offering their big teeth bold lies hope

Fishbowl face mouth so strange
I’ve never seen a person act inn such odd ways
Limbs gone limp eyes still twitch
Shiny little bullet all you wanted was a lick

Nurse in black hair tied back
Premature funeral name on a plaque
Breath is dim living is slim
Chapel bells ring when the reaper turns grim

You look good in your cotton gown
They’re trying really hard to get the lead out
The sun still moves I think I should stop
There’s gotta be a way around, nature’s cruel law

Change god’s mind religious all night
Too many pages and we don’t have time
Prayers and thoughts prayer and thoughts
They only say that if the think hope’s lost

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