Every Kiss Begins With K LyricsEvery Kiss Begins With K Lyrics

Every Kiss Begins With K Tiktok Song Lyrics Letter K Song By Rewind. Main song words are Every kiss begins with K that’s the only letter I want you to say baby I’ll kill for you.

Every Kiss Begins With K Tiktok Song Lyrics

Baby I don’t know how long I can keep up with this
It’s the same thing everyday
Monday through Sunday
I don’t know if you love me anymore

Every kiss begins with K
That’s the only letter I want you to say
Every kiss begins with K
Baby I’ll kill for you
Would you kill for me?
Every kiss begins with K
That’s the only letter I want you to say
Every kiss begins with K
Let me kidnap you
And on my kite fly you out to space

What we having for breakfast? Girl another fight
Still arguing about sh^t we did last night
It’s over, it’s a new day
Pass me the OJ you sipping on Rozay
Callling shots, baby you ain’t even loaded
Smoke in the air hope it’s the bread toasting
Yea we got problems more than math
But this is class, yes we’ll advance
This relationship is cheesy but I’ve been in Cheddar
Whatever’s for lunch I just pray that it’s better
Lord hear my prayers, that text is my savior
A little late for lunch it’s 2:14
Better late than never is our daily routine
Everyday I curse and everyday you scream
I know it’s not nice but it’s def not mean
They say fighting, makes us stronger
Than we out to the gym cause I need you longer
Work out for me work out for me
Right now I need this to work out for me
Make love on the treadmill my heart is racing
Not even my eyes can see the sh^t the I’m facing
Gon need glasses and contacts to see that reply

Nothing’s changed
Everything’s still the same
What ever happened to us?
Those good funny moments that we had?
Everything’s fading away

It’s dinner time, bring out the whine
Light up the candles see the sparkles in your eyes
Everyday’s a celebration 4th of July
If happiness kills, how am I alive?
As always, we get into an argument again
How I’m supposly talking with your friends
F your friends and my supposly lil girl friends
I don’t need a girl, baby you my wife
Nah you’re my heart, yea you’re my life
Kick me out the house, yea that happened twice
3rd time’s a charm and I’m holding to my kite
Looking at the stars, look where we are
You inside the crib, I’m up in the car
Made a wish at 11:11
Text you and reply
One letter word, you do this every time

Doesn’t matter
Doesn’t matter how much we fight baby
We always gon end up making up under the sheets
I love kiss, you and s^x

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