Energy Vampires Lyrics The song name is Energy Vampires which is sung by Shanin Blake.

Energy Vampires Lyrics

Lyrics From Snippet:

Energy Vampires Can Suck Ya Dry
That’s Why I Keep My Circle Small
That’s Why I Keep My Circle Tight

I Learned My Lesson to Always Trust My Intuition
Cause Some of These People Don’t Have My Best Intention
Pay Attention Cause There’s Always Snakes in the Grass
Ready to Bite Any Chances That They Have

I Burn the Sage to Cut Ties & Say My Goodbyes
To Anybody Out There That Doesn’t Deserve My Time
Cause My Time is Precious and My Energy Delicious
They Be Tryna Eat Without Doing Their Dirty Dishes

I’m Well Aware That I Attract What I Allow in
I Am a Vibration People Can Tune in
I Broadcast I Am Love I Am Abundance
I Have an Armor Made of Golden Light I Trust in

My Spirit Guides They Help Me Land Upon the Best Path
I’m Learning How to Navigate Being an Empath
Sometimes the Red Flags Look Green Flag I Forget That I’m Me
Then I Remember I’m the Farmer Who’s Been Plating All the Seeds

I Meditate Full Circle 999 I Feel Free
Ho’oponopono Please Forgive Cause I’m Sorry
Yes I Forgive and I Let You Go Because I Love You
Yes I Forgive and I Let You Go Because I Love Me

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