Crying My Eyes Out Lyrics is written and sung by Frawley. The song “Crying My Eyes Out” is Frawley’s new single.

Crying My Eyes Out Lyrics

Lyrics From Snippet:

Nothing Could Prepare Me Tonight
To Watch the Guy I’m Still in Love With
Move on in Real Time

The Floor Feels Like It’s Caving as I
Watch the Last Two Years of You and I
Get Kissed Goodbye

The Lights Are Low
And You’re Swaying With Her
Back and Forth to Records
We Used to Know
And You’re Falling Slow
And I’m Watching It All From the Front Row

You’re Out There Dancing
Holding Her Closer Now
She Used to Be Me
Now I’m Here Crying My Eyes Out

You Start to Kiss Her
Mascara is Running Down
You Look So in Love
And I’m Here Crying My Eyes Out
I’m Crying…


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