Beat Da Koto Nai Lyrics. The song name is OI which is sung by Certified Trapper.

Beat Da Koto Nai Lyrics

オイ, オイ, オイ
オイ, オイ, オイ (Woah-oh-oh)

Why you hatin’?
Bad bitch with me and you know she give fellation
Used to rock together, nigga, why the fuck you snake me?
Tryna prove a point, bitch, why the fuck you naked?
I was just a boy, life will hit me just to change you
I don’t got no reason, just the devil wanna bang you
I’ve been in here preachin’ like a nigga work for Satan
So much shit hurt my heart, I be achin’
I hold it all in, get on the beat and try to say it
Try to get it out but the percs will make mistakings
Fan his ass out by the car and left him stankin’
Blow her ass out, stripper bitch from [?]
How many times did you snake me?
Stabbed my back, I can’t breathе
Tint so black, I can’t see
Pussy so good, I can’t leave
Ho know wherе I come from, I’m from the block, I’m from the east
If you see me out in the public, know I’ll pop you, [?] east
When I pull up, they all know that it’s big shit
And I got all my money up, I ain’t did shit
Ah-nah-nah, nah-nah-nah, ah-da-da-da
You can fuck them niggas, you ain’t wrong
Baby you won’t never call my phone
Give your heart to a bitch, then she fold
I don’t fuck with that nigga ’cause he told
I don’t fuck with that nigga ’cause he told
I don’t fuck with them bitches ’cause they old
Lookin’ at my wrist, need that bitch froze
Lookin’ at your bitch, she need some glo
Couple hundred like, “Bitch, go do your toes”
Fuckin’ off in Moncler, I need me a coat
Smoke gas on the dot, I need me a bowl
Mack around on your block, all you niggas hoes
Beat the ことない, オイ
Beat the bitch pussy and tell the ho goodnight, オイ ([?] シューコ)
Beat the ことない, オイ
Beat the ことない, オイ
Beat the ことない, オイ
Beat the ことない, オイ
Beat the ことない, オイ
オイ, オイ, オイ, オイ
オイ, オイ, オイ

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