Anime Bitties Song LyricsAnime Bitties Song Lyrics

Anime Bitties Song Lyrics. Main song words are Anime b^tches I go give her st^^ches she call the police, I don’t f^ck with no snitches I play with her t^^^es, but they be all pixely.

Anime Bitties Song Lyrics

Anime b^tches I go give her st^^ches
She call the police, I don’t f^ck with no snitches
I play with her t^^^es, but they be all pixely
Cum in my bed, yea she drink it like unsweet tea

Got all these lollies and all of these hoes, when a thot come up talk to me I tell her just go
All I need in my life are my anime hoes
That and some love from my bros

Yea man I swear that shes real, got her t^ts on my mouse pad, I know how they feel (uh)

Rub on my pillow while watchin videos, k^ss on her l^ps then my cum make some cameos
Bought a subscription for a couple of bands, uncensored hentai, got my d^ck in my hands

Aye man, im just gonna like put this one out there, like zero 2 best girl Dude. Like she lookin pretty cute. Thats all I got to say. Alright Jared Take this sh^t away my guy. Lets go

Anime b^tches and anime t^^ties
Without the pair of them my life would be sh^tty
Don’t care if they large t^ts or they ittie bittie
As long as its anime its f^cking litty

My favorite hobby it be Overwatch p^^n
In fact love it more than a preemie stillborn
Tracer’s fat a^s it be sweeter than corn
Yea I beat my meat to it until my d^ck is worn

Yuh, aye, you know what they say, it’s not very normal to watch Hentai every day
But f^ck all that norm, I don’t get hard to p^^n, if it ain’t got no pixels Then my d^ck will mourn

I’m mentally dating an anime girl
Her pixel v^^ina is out of this world
I eat her out like I slurp up on my cheerios
When I f^ck on her yea she calls me her Romeo

I picture her when I’m deep in my pillow-o
I squeeze her a^s yea moan over the stereo
Tell her I love her more than I love jim crow
That be till she wh^ps out her 10-inch d^^do

F^cking on all of these anime hoes
Don’t mind if they got d^ck that reaches their toes
All that means is its guaranteed an^l
Don’t care what my church says I know it’s not shameful

My anime b^tches will always be tightening
Done with this verse yea I know it be frightening
Hit on my vape and then hit a fat wh^p
Just like blacks with kids I’m about to f^cking d*p

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