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2 Months Into 2024 Lyrics

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2 months deep into 2024
60 days in stills feels like more
Let’s start t january
Gypsy rose press tour
Alien spotted in miami
Plane without a door
Polar vortex made the midwest freeze
Mean girls musical killer mickeys
Jt’s new song vs old britney
We found amelia earhart in the sea

Ag7 began yes and hit the club
Greta and margot oscor nim snub
Taylor dissed at the golden globes
And now we hold a grudge
We all watched a man dua lipa at a judge

Pop crave is not a gay guy
Emma stone caught mid chicken pot pie
Miss swift sang exile made a girl cry
Say hi fergie’s long lost daughter has arrived
All that work and what did it get me
Madame web was exceptionally campy
Beyonce goes full country
Fortnite just got a little more cunty
Julie ragbeer became the queen of pop
Where is kate middleton? The bbl shop
There was one event that willy made the world
Stop where were you when the oompa loompa pics dropped
That so glasgow’s 9/11
5th harmony resurrected from heaven
Usher gave us all a roller skating lesson
Have you heard about the diner that just turned 97
Ari floated grammy’s got demoted
Taylor’s man is goated
You have been promoted
Bridgette mendler sits on her throne
Celine is taylor’s version of the unknown

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