Tap Water Slaughter Your Daughter Lyrics. The song name is ALL IN which is sung by ZaeHD & CEO

Tap Water Slaughter Your Daughter Lyrics

Ooh, ooh
What? Oh yeah
Mm-mm-mm-mm-mm-mm, mm-mm-mm-mm-mm, mm-mm-mm
(Them hits don’t make no sense)

Ooh, damn, yeah them hits don’t make no sense (Don’t make no sense)
This ain’t Christmas, but we snatchin’ like the Grinch (Like the Grinch)
Startin’ five, yeah, you niggas on the bench (You niggas on the bench)
My money yards, yeah, your money is an inch (Is an inch)
Ooh, damn, ooh, damn, damn, where the time go? (Aight, where the time go?)
You want bread? Bitch, I want the whole loaf (The whole loaf)
And it’s winter, let me put on my coat (Brrrrr)
HighDef Gang, it’s just me and the bros
Uh, all of my niggas got stacks (Stacks)
Bend it over let me tap (Uh)
I don’t want that lil’ thot (Uh-uh)
And her teeth got gaps (What?)
Dollar signs, all I see (See)
If it ain’t blue, then it’s green (Green)
Money counter machine (‘Chine)
When it’s done, cha-ching (Cha-ching)
Like Tisa, bitch, Uber to my dick (Uber to my dick)
Don’t you kiss her, ’cause it’s me on her lips (On her lips)
So much money in my pocket got a limp (Got a limp)
You need a diary, ’cause you are a wimp (You are a wimp)

Imma go all in (All in)
Money stacked like tall timb’ (Stack it, stack it)
Between me and you? I’m the boss man (I’m the boss)
I might snatch your bitch (Gimme her), without caution
I’m so fresh to death, throw me in a coffin (Grrr)
I got the white like Triple K (Gang, gang)
Get to an M, just to spend on a Wraith
Keep up with me, keep up ya pace
Not in my feelings, I am not Drake (I’m not)
She want the feelings, I want the cake
She Uber to me, I Picasso her face (Ugh)
Stay in the lines, no I don’t trace
Go to the Mars, I feel like I’m laced
Jump out the spot (Jump out the spot)
Like Jack-in-the-Box (Like Jack-in-the-Box)
I need a loop-di-loop (di-loop), I need me a knot (I need me a knot)
What I am wearing, you cannot find,
It’s not in style (You cannot find)
She pressin’ on me,
I do not want her, I told her kick rocks (Get gone)
(Hhhh, hhh) That boy can’t breathe
I got a big dresser in my jeans (In my jeans)
I got a big V on my tees (VLONE)
Allergic to koalas, need to sneeze (Achoo)
Comme des Garçon, heart on my nipple (On my nipple)
You smokin’ on some quiet, my niggas smoking cymbal (Achoo)
Ice around my neck (What’s that?), icicle (Uh)
We be goin’ up (Where?), crescendo (Ayy)

Bang, bang, bang, bang (Uh)
You can call me Martin Luther King, I had a dream (I had a dream)
Uh, if a nigga try me, he gon’ have to see my team (Bow, bow, bow)
Tell her bend it over, I’ma beat and break her spleen (Spleen, spleen, spleen, spleen)
We got money, that’s a fact (A fact)
All of you niggas some rats (Meeky me)
Tell her come sit on my lap (Huh)
You niggas still drinking that tap (Ooh, glug, glug)
Tap water, slaughter your daughter (Your daughter)
Need a cut, let me hit up my barber (Ying, ying, ying, ying)

Fuck with me, then you have to move smarter
Pull up in that bald head like I’m Coach Carter
Roll it off, one percent, I need a charger
Please don’t call my phone, I don’t like to be bothered
Psst, lemme let you in on a secret, ayy, ooh

Phow, phow, phow, ooh
All in, all in, all in, all in (Woah, woah)
For you and your friends, ayy
Turn up, uh, turn up, Toosie, ayy
Wipe me down like Boosie (Young Boosie, Boosie, uh)
Ayy, for you and your friends, all in
Turn up with the check, check (Yeah, yeah)
Uh, neck, neck, uh, yeah, yeah, uh

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