My Tacos Got Cold LaloGoneBrazzy Lyrics Song is sung by LaloGoneBrazzy. The song is from the album

My Tacos Got Cold LaloGoneBrazzy Lyrics

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I Met You at the Taco Stand
You Bought Me a Taco
But You Forgot My Fries
And Then I Had to Walk Home

So I Stopped and Caught the Bus
And Then I Was Chilling
What I Really Wanted a Burrito
But You Weren’t Really Caring

And Then I Went to Get Pepinos
I Ate Pepinos and I Ate With Salt
I Promise It Was So Good
And Then I Come Home and Lay on My Bed

I Went to Buy Some More
But Then When I Got Close I Realized
They Have Closed the Whole Store

I Was Mad Begging People
Can You Please Make Me a Taco
She Was Like We Already Put the Meat Away
I Was Like Come on Let Me Take Home

So I Went to Food City
I Bought Me a Pack of Carne
I Didn’t Forget the Tortillas
And Then I Cooked It in the Tarde

I Really Made It at Home
Cause They Didn’t Wanna Feed Me
And Then I Went Inside
Because I Forgot the Chilli

So I Got Me Some More Orchata
It Was Really Good but I Forgot the Ice
I Didn’t Put No Ice on My Drink

So Then I Noticed It Started Getting Warm
I Was Mad Like Damn Its Getting Warm
It’s Too Hot to Not Have a Cold Drink

So I Just ….
Because My Tacos Got Cold
At the Time I Didn’t Have a Microwave
And I Didn’t Have a Home

I Was Like Damn
So I Try to Cook Them in the Sun
But They Didn’t Really Work
And I Just Threw Them All Away

Can I Please Cook Them at Your Home
Nobody Wanted to Help Me Out
So I Didn’t Eat That Day
I Was Really Mad but Somebody Brought Me Tacos Late

And Then I Thank Them So Much
Cause I Haven’t Ate
They Were Like Are You Good My Son
You Can Come Stay at My Place

So I Was Like Hell Yeah Man
Thank You So Much
And Then Her Daughter Was 19 So I …
She Said Don’t Come Back , Aye
And She Said Don’t Come Back

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