Blackpink English Rap Lyrics
Blackpink English Rap Lyrics

Blackpink English Rap Lyrics. Main song words are click clack Badda bing Badda boom all eyes on me when i step in the room If you don’t know better ask somebody watch your man hit the deck.

Blackpink English Rap Song Lyrics

Click-clack Badda bing
Badda boom
All eyes on me when i step in the room
If you don’t know better ask somebody
Watch your man hit the deck
Like pangpangpang
Prangpang parapara pangpangpang
Raise your glass to the roof
Like jjanjjanjjan
Hands up! lit with a bottle full o’henny
Watch your mouth when you speak my name

Uh Imma take what’s mine
So get out my way
Ain’t got time, I go hard and slay
Middle finger up F U pay me
90s baby I pump up the jam
Whip it up whip it up Baby the

Drop in the top, I’ll be too hot to

Savage I’m killing em,
Stack up my millions
Stopping my paper go Brrr Rambo

Yeah all the boys stand in line
Just to check out
Forget about the bet,
Imma blow their breath out
Got my mind on my money
And my money on my mind
Doh, it aint really work if you’re broke
See me skrrt skrrt with it,
Watch you go go get it so hot, so hot,
When the sauce gets to drippin I’ll lick
Got them begging “give me some more”
Baby put them lips together,
Make that whistle blow

Uh everyday I’m stylin
Killin everything in my way I’m wildin
Aiming for your heart
I’m gonna see you darlin’
Smooth criminal I’m bad untouchable
I be feeling myself
When you looking my way
Watch your queen, checkmate for the win
Uh huh
Pull up on deck Blackpink
Write the check boy
Let me hear you whistle again

I said I wanted you to stay
But you’re always leavin’
Never tell me where,
Never tell me what’s the reason
When you’re gone I can’t tell
If my heart’s even beatin’
Sometimes I think it’s just for you
That I live and breath in

So stay, I know you gotta be tired
When the night gets dark
Lemme be your fire
In the world full of lies,
My only truth is you
Here’s a letter, from me to you

Got me fired up, were burning
I don’t need no water,
Can’t stop this urgin’
I ain’t never had nobody do it better
But Oh No
You’re bad, meaning bad But
Boy, I’m LOCO
Show em’ out, let’s smoke em’ out,
Match, scratch, lighter
Kiss him Will I diss him
I don’t know, but I miss him
Flame in my veins
This love is like crack
Can you feel my heart go black? ah!

Uh I’ma fall in love baby
You gon finna catch me Uh
Give you all of this baby
Call me pretty and nasty
Cause we gonna get it
My love you can bet it on Black
We gon double The stack on them whoa!
I be the Bonnie and You be my Clyde
We ride or die Xs and Os

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